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TrawlerMeets: Jonawils

March 15, 2012


The latest in our In Conversation With series finds freelance football writer, decorated author and founder of The Blizzard Jonathan Wilson discussing the nature of football ‘journalism’, how he came to specialise in Eastern Europe, the power of social media and whether he would ever consider moving into the realms of coaching/scouting. *** What are your basic […]

Handshakes and t-shirts won’t help eradicate racism from football.

February 11, 2012


The recent controversy surrounding racism in football won’t have escaped even the most casual football fans. And while the debate swings into arguments surrounding captaincies and handshakes, it appears this multicultural, largely tolerant nation is missing the big picture: racism still haunts football. Today’s game between Manchester Utd and Liverpool was centred around the behaviour […]

Ways in which video technology could work for football

January 26, 2012


As James Richardson so eloquently put it in the latest episode of football weekly; “Football’s USP is that it is a fluid game, it is a game in which there is a spontaneity that is a direct result of the fact that is continually in motion”. He was talking in the context of penalties, and to the […]

The C Word

January 23, 2012


I think it’s about time we address the C word. There was a time in my life when the C word was forbidden. There was a time when people spoke of the C word as I do now: ‘the C word’. There was a time when people looked down on you for uttering the C […]

Trawler Tackles – The Fan

January 19, 2012


‘Trawler Tackles’ is where Trawler writers can get something off their chests. Here, Greg and Will give their opposing views on football fandom.   Greg Sitting behind a computer screen often skews your perspective somewhat. I hate keyboard warriors and there are snobby fans at every level of football, but I don’t regret my rant. This […]

How to handle stadia transitional issues.

December 13, 2011


As Fulham FC enjoy, or endure, the Christmas period, they will be doing so in their eleventh season in the top flight of English football. At it stands, the traditional Craven Cottage can hold 25,700 fans, the smallest out of the established premier league stadiums (only Q.P.R and Swansea city have lower maximum attendances). It […]

The Changing Face of Rivalries

August 2, 2011


Traditionally, rivalries in football are based on location, religion, or a history of political stigma. These clashes between clubs that ‘despise’ each other punctuate the football season, adding to the multifaceted soap opera that is professional football. They seem to draw on primal instincts as fans hurl abuse at a man they’ve never known, two-footed […]